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Stockton Heath & Lymm Edition

Stockton Heath & Lymm Edition

Local advertising to Stockton Heath and Lymm, this edition is distributed door to door and placed at selected drop off points at local businesses. We distribute to selected local home in Stockton Heath, Lymm, Grappenhall and the Thelwall area. Due to our production quantities, we cannot deliver to every home, but we do try vary which street receive them.

Great Sankey & Penketh Edition

Great Sankey & Penketh Edition

Local advertising Great Sankey, Penketh and Chapelford Village, this edition is distributed door to door and placed at selected drop off points at local businesses such as Co-op food stores. We distribute to selected local home in Chapelford Village, Great Sankey and Penketh area. Due to our production quantities, we cannot deliver to every home, but we do try vary which street receive them.

Our local advertising rates

Full Page
£ 160 +online
Page 3
£ 185 +online
Half Page
£ 85 +online
Quarter Page
£ 50 +online
Centre DPS
£ 335 +online
Back Page
£ 250 +online
Front Page
£ 175 +online
Page 2 Earpiece
£ 50 +online

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Please Note:

All local advertising bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking your advert space. Once you have placed your order, we will be in contact with you shortly to advise you on the next available edition your advert will appear in and the availability. Refunds will be made if we are not able to accommodate your booking in any chosen edition prior to print publication. Please note no refunds can be made after the books have been published in print and distributed to the local areas.

About Us

Local mags for local business Out and About is now A5 in size!

It has proven to be a handy pocket/bag size – so customers don’t leave home without it!

Free to pick up from local shops in and around the village, including pubs, restaurants, bars, shops and other main pick up hot spots!

Special Offers advertised in Out and About can be used by customers immediately until a requested deadline date. And have proven to be successful!

Professionally designed and printed local advertising with 12 to 52 pages these little A5 books are the place to be seen!

The print run is 2,000 to 10,000 copies per edition depending on the revenue taken from the advertising and number of pages sold. Please note: the amount printed and distributed will depend on number of pages sold.

To be clear on print quantities:
12 Pages = 2,000 Copies
16 Pages = 3,000 Copies
20 - 24 Pages = 5,000 Copies
30 Pages = 7,000 Copies
36 Pages + = 10,000 Copies

Take a look at our latest edition New design and new larger size!

About Us

Click here to view our Out and About - Stockton Heath and Lymm Edition - September / October 2017.

About Us

Click here to view our Out and About - Stockton Heath and Lymm Edition - May / June 2017.

Find Your True Local Advertising Partner... ...Learn about the benefits of local advertising longevity

...Your best return is local marketing

Having owned and run a number of local advertising publications since 2009 and running an advertising agency since March 1999 in Cheshire. It never ceases to amaze me how many small business owners do not seem to grasp the importance of local advertising in the long term. It is about brand awareness and public perception of your business brand and product in their local area.

Companies who fail to give their advertising campaigns consistency and longevity, risk spending more in the long-term, nearly always having to start at the beginning with public awareness and confidence.

A good example of this, are two kitchen companies, local to my publications. One totally understands longevity of advertising, the other was intermittent, I say ‘was’ as they are no longer in business.

Readers are generally forgetful of what they have seen in previous editions and may not always look for a previous advertiser, instead contact the persistent and constant advertiser who does very well from their adverts, thanks to similar advertising businesses who have dropped out, but who’s advert may of set the readers thought process rolling

hmm… who was that Kitchen Company I read about in Out and About!

Now… I am not saying to put all your eggs into one basket and commit to advertise for the whole year in just one publication as the best option, but I would strongly suggest avoiding sporadic one hit wonder style advertising and give each publication a term of at least four to six editions before deciding against it and choosing another.

Thanks for reading.

Out & About Publications
Buzme Media Limited

  • Set a realistic budget for your advertising needs
  • Be consistant we a good strong message or offer
  • Give your campaign time to work - A one hit and that's it approach will only waste your money!
Find Your True Advertising Partner

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If in doubt give us a shout... Questions we are always asked!

Advert Sizes

Advert Sizes

What size are the books and the adverts?

The book size is A5.
If you are supplying print ready artwork to us please send it as a PDF or JPG and the colours in CMYK.

Advert Sizes:
Full Page - h: 185mm x w: 140mm
Half Page - h: 90mm x w: 140mm
Back Page - h: 210mm x w: 148mm (3mm bleed required)
Front Page - h: 80mm x w: 90mm
Quarter Page - h: 90mm x w: 62mm

Completed artwork must be submitted by the 20th of month.
IMPORTANT - Please make sure your artwork is at least 300 dpi screen resolution.


How many books are printed?

Currently up to 5,000 a month per edition
Depending on the page numbers sold, we will always print a minimum of 3,000 copies per edition should our page revenue fall.

12 to 16 Pages - 3,000 copies
20 to 32 Pages - 5,000 copies

Print quantities may increase or decrease without prior notice depending on revenue raised. By advertising in our publications, you/the business/company agree to our terms and conditions.



Where do the books go?

95% of the book are delivered direct to homes door to door in the areas we list on the books cover and the remaining 5% at drop off points.

Typically we use drop off points such as:

Co-operative Food Supermakets (Local to the books circulation area)

News Agents (Local to the books circulation area)

Costa Coffee (Local to the books circulation area)

Cafe Nero (Local to the books circulation area)

Market Information Points (Local to the books circulation area)

Artwork and Printing Services Great prices for printing and artwork!

Need a leaflet designed and printed? No problem! Please ask to quote for your printing and graphic design services.

If you need a leaflet designing or an advert creating please let us know and we will be glad to help: Quote me

We print our Leaflet on a range of stock weights from 130, 150, 170gsm gloss or matt art paper. Our leaflets are sharp in quality (subject to supplied artwork at the correct resolution) at the very best price for you. If you require a quote please include a full specifiaction to: Quote me

We print our Brochures on a range of stock weights from 150, 170, 200, 250 gsm gloss or matt art paper. All brochures are of the highest quality at the very best price for you. If you require a quote please include a full specifiaction to: Quote me

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Artwork and Print Services


2 Full Pages* in any 2 editions for only £280

*Offer excludes front, back, page 3 and centre pages.

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