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Advert Sizes

Advert Sizes

What size are the books and the adverts?

The book size is A5.
If you are supplying print ready artwork to us please send it as a PDF or JPG and the colours in CMYK.

Advert Sizes:
Full Page - h: 185mm x w: 140mm
Half Page - h: 90mm x w: 140mm
Back Page - h: 210mm x w: 148mm (3mm bleed required)
Front Page - h: 80mm x w: 90mm
Quarter Page - h: 90mm x w: 62mm

Completed artwork must be submitted by the 20th of month.
IMPORTANT - Please make sure your artwork is at least 300 dpi screen resolution.


How many books are printed?

Currently up to 5,000 a month per edition
Depending on the page numbers sold, we will always print a minimum of 3,000 copies per edition should our page revenue fall.

12 to 16 Pages - 3,000 copies
20 to 32 Pages - 5,000 copies

Print quantities may increase or decrease without prior notice depending on revenue raised. By advertising in our publications, you/the business/company agree to our terms and conditions.



Where do the books go?

95% of the book are delivered direct to homes door to door in the areas we list on the books cover and the remaining 5% at drop off points.

Typically we use drop off points such as:

Sainsbury's Local (Information Point) - (Local to the books circulation area)

Co-operative Food Supermakets (Local to the books circulation area)

News Agents (Local to the books circulation area)

Costa Coffee (Local to the books circulation area)

Cafe Nero (Local to the books circulation area)

Market Information Points (Local to the books circulation area)