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Having owned and run a number of local advertising publications since 2009 and running an advertising agency since March 1999 in Cheshire. It never ceases to amaze me how many small business owners do not seem to grasp the importance of local advertising in the long term. It is about brand awareness and public perception of your business brand and product in their local area.

Companies who fail to give their advertising campaigns consistency and longevity, risk spending more in the long-term, nearly always having to start at the beginning with public awareness and confidence.

A good example of this, are two kitchen companies, local to my publications. One totally understands longevity of advertising, the other was intermittent, I say ‘was’ as they are no longer in business.

Readers are generally forgetful of what they have seen in previous editions and may not always look for a previous advertiser, instead contact the persistent and constant advertiser who does very well from their adverts, thanks to similar advertising businesses who have dropped out, but who’s advert may of set the readers thought process rolling

hmm… who was that Kitchen Company I read about in Out and About!

Now… I am not saying to put all your eggs into one basket and commit to advertise for the whole year in just one publication as the best option, but I would strongly suggest avoiding sporadic one hit wonder style advertising and give each publication a term of at least four to six editions before deciding against it and choosing another.

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  • Set a realistic budget for your advertising needs
  • Be consistant we a good strong message or offer
  • Give your campaign time to work - A one hit and that's it approach will only waste your money!
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